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The ocean has been my joy and surfing my lifeblood since I was a child. I love the symmetry a wave makes, the lines it draws, the way it bends. Every wave is unique but the patterns are similar. I guess through my years I’ve become a student of waves. My ability to understand them has led to a professional big wave surfing career where I paddled into 2 world records.    

Mavericks, Half Moon Bay CA: Feb 13th 2010 @55’ 

Cortez Bank, Open Ocean off San Diego: Dec 21st 2012 @61’   

My surfing career was cut short in 2015 when barely survived a surfing accident that left me with a broken neck and a traumatic brain injury. My life now is coming back together and family, surfing and art is becoming my focus.    I studied graphic design at Cal Poly SLO and during that time I was further able to develop my art skills. 

These painting merge my love for fine art and design. They are originally done on glass. The paint and colors blend together to give that feeling of a perfect glassy day. To me these images represent the simplicity of remembering that perfect wave. No one is in your way and the wave is yours. It’s lined up and perfect.   

Shawn Dollar  

Sold at Zen Island Santa Cruz and Agency

Original Paintings and Prints are available to buy at Zen Islands 41st ave location.  Stop in to check them out.  

Zen Island 

825 41st Ave A, Santa Cruz, CA 95062

AGENCY- Santa Cruz

1519 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Buy direct or order a custom

Contact me directly if you want an original done in any size and it can be shipped to you.  These are done from 8"x10" up to any size.